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Irish Dolls

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Heirloom Quality



Since 1988, Molly has devoted her time to this old tradition of rag doll making:all of these dolls are unique and one of a kind. In a world of automation and mass production these dolls have become the forever dolls.


"Creating an Irish Heirloom."

— Molly Fitz


One of a Kind

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Beautiful Fabrics

Doll bodies are made from 100% cotton muslin and occasionally I will use 100% linen. Clothes are made from 100% cottons, linens or silks. When I can I will use felted cashmere but it is difficult to find in light browns so I mostly use a synthetic fleece which I hand stitch on.



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Molly Fitz


This County Tipperary native is passionate about doll making and enjoys every aspect of this traditional crafting. It helps to be raised by a wonderful mother who shared that passion